Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Days at Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour (yes, the 'u' is added) is my most favorite beach, and it has been ever since I was a teenager...long, long ago...

Anyway, I tend to frequent the beach on Sunday afternoons. The water is usually calm, and it hits the knee level for quite a ways out. It's a very kid oriented beach - what's special is that it's a beach where the bay meets the ocean, so it appears as bay, wide river/canal and ocean.

This day (May 3rd I think?) was interesting, because of who I now deem 'weird man'. With affection, we're all allowed to be weird.

Weird man, all donned in a blue speedo, has this HUGE net and is casting the net for fish in two feet deep water...OK. He did this for about an hour. The only fish that are in this area are small silver-ish guppy looking things smaller than your pinky finger. OK.

I pretended to take a selfie (he saw me after a while). I would never take a selfie at the beach after going into the water. Not a chance in hell. And NO ONE dares take my photo. Wet hair photos are forbidden, and punishable by torture.

After some time, Weird Man went off with his net and a white bucket. I hope he found what he was looking for! Totes!

Have fun,

Astrid Franchiska