Monday, June 8, 2015

Life Needs Whipped Cream

Since I am not a cardio buff, I have become a diet buff. Diet as in cut carbs, eat lime soaked salad, do light walking and wear an iron maiden waist corset. It beats sweating in spinning class. I dislike sweat. It messes up the very well maintained hair. The downside to this plan is the mass cutting of sweets and particularly, of whipped cream on lattes and blended coffee drinks.

I love whipped cream.

For the last three months I have binged on tomato salsa, lean turkey and a sporadic baked potato. While painful, it definitely helped me from a size 5 to a size 3, thus getting rid of holiday pounds that last well past Christmas, possibly into the next Christmas (and the next, and the next). You HAVE to be vigilant or suddenly you will have a permanent position as Santa!

I had no cookies, no pasta, hardly any milk, thousand grain bread only for breakfast, and major salad, lentils and vegetables up to 7 PM. And lots of tea and water. And during it all I wanted to eat everything!!! Chocolate, cookies, donuts, the house, the moon. Not humans, I would NEVER want to eat people – too tough.

Discipline is a bitch, but it does produce results. I look hot. I’ve really stopped smiling though.
Discipline unfortunately is not static. It’s not like I can go forth and slay Dunkin Dounuts and still be okay. I did that up to age 33 and nothing happened. I remained a size 2 forever, until 36 hit and I suddenly became a bit voluptuous. And after eating the house on Christmas 2013 I put on 15 pounds!

WHA!!!!! ME????
Yes. Me.

So it’s all about either getting up and moving to discipline, or constantly sacrificing for discipline to get results. Fine, I accept this.

But life in its totality must include some whipped cream.  Maybe not the entire can, all at once (unfortunately).  But twice a month on a mocha frappuchino is a must. Or why even bother?
You see, before I began to write this, I went to Nordstrom’s cafĂ© for a mocha blended storm. It’s better, in my humble opinion, than Starbucks. The wonderful young lady looked at me and asked “Would you like the whipped cream?” And at that moment I realized if I said no I’d burst into tears, so I said “Absolutely!” And then upon finding out my name (for the mocha), the two baristas burst into song – Astrud Gilberto’s “Girl from Ipanema” and the world became a better place.

There is discipline, and then there is joie de vivre. And there is the wisdom to find a happy medium.


Astrid Franchiska

DISCLAIMER – US Size 3 – 4 is my acceptable size for my physique and health. Smaller or larger sizes may well be optimal for others depending on the physique and health of an individual. Do what is right for you!